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Institute for Excellence in Writing

This year my older children are using Student Writing Intensive-B from Institute for Excellence in Writing. If you’re unfamiliar with this writing program, take a minute to look at my full review of SWI-B.

I have been impressed with the steady improvement I’ve observed in my children’s writing style since beginning the program.

What We Learned in Lessons 2 , 3, and 4

Lesson 2 continued to practice key word outline skills and also introduced a new dress-up, the “-ly” adverb. In addition to the “-ly” adverb, students were also required to include a who/which clause (introduced in Lesson 1).

Lesson 3 presented two more dress-ups, the strong verb and the because clause. Several weaker verbs were added to a “banned word list,” which also listed plenty of stronger alternatives. This lesson required students to use all four dress-ups learned so far: an “-ly” adverb, a who/which clause, a strong verb, and a because clause.

Lesson 4 taught methods of choosing a good title for a piece of writing.

Student Writing Intensive

Get a Closer Look

This rough draft was written by my son with minor editing help from me. Notice that he has underlined each dress-up, making it easy for me to see that he has met the lesson’s requirements.


Here is his final copy:

Hidden Treasure

Once a farmer, who was stricken with a fatal illness, knew he was going to die and wanted his farm to continue to prosper. He called his lazy sons, who sometimes handled the crops carelessly, to his bedside. He told them that because he was going to die, he would tell them of a treasure buried in his fields. After the farmer’s death, the sons dug up every inch of his land. Because of the sons’ plowing, the crop flourished, and the family survived easily. Finally, the sons realized that the treasure was the fruit of their own labor.

Have you used Institute for Excellence in Writing with your children? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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