A Typical Day in Our Large-Family Homeschool

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Typical Day in Our Large-Family Homeschool

7:30 AM

Kendra has finally drifted off to sleep after awakening about an hour earlier. I get out of bed and check to see if anyone else is up yet. At a glance, I can see that at least three children are still in bed, but I can also hear voices in the kitchen.

Time to start getting ready for the day. As I go through my morning routine, I’m making mental notes of things that need cleaned or straightened before we host a small group of homeschool friends at 1:00 PM.

8:00 AM

I quickly throw a load of towels into the washer, then head to the kitchen. Collin, Devin, and Brandon have already had their breakfast and have started their school work in the living room. I remind them that their morning chores need done first. I get a glass of water and cut up a couple apples which I’ll eat throughout the morning.

Collin informs me that his chores are done and he is ready for my help with school. Brandon also has a question about math, so I answer that first. I take a few minutes to explain prepositional phrases to Collin. Brandon moves on to typing.

8:30 AM

I’ve started waking up Keaton, Kaylee, and Weston so they can get their day started. I have a few minutes where no one needs my help, so I’m cleaning our front hallway.

After a pause to deal with a discipline issue, I check Brandon’s typing. Kendra wakes up and Collin goes to get her from the bedroom. Time for me to make sure that the last few kids are getting up.

9:00 AM

Kaylee is cleaning the kitchen–her main morning chore. Devin and I are working on spelling. Weston is enjoying playing with Kendra. But now it’s time for me to stop to change and dress Kendra. Then I put her in her high chair for breakfast.

9:30 AM

I’m spending time working with Brandon, reading history and practicing spelling words.

10:00 AM

Now Kendra is at the table, “doing school” with a few of the other kids. I’m trying to work on chemistry with Brandon. Keaton has started his school work in the living room after completing his morning chores.

10:30 AM

Kaylee has decided that she would like to bake cookies, so she’s busy in the kitchen. I continue helping whoever needs my help, explaining and correcting school work as needed.

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Things start getting a little blurry in my memory here. Someone helps fix lunch–macaroni and cheese, I think. Lunch is a little earlier than usual today, so that we can be ready for guests at 1:00.

After everyone finishes eating, Devin begins his turn at kitchen cleanup. The rest of the children pitch in and help with chores as I assign them. Everyone works quickly, and most of the kids have free time before our homeschool friends arrive.

1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Normally we would be busy with homeschool studies right up until a later lunch at around 1:00. After lunch the three oldest children would work on their IEW writing assignment, and then Brandon and I would continue working on his more challenging courses as needed. Today, however, we’re skipping the afternoon assignments to enjoy our monthly homeschool meeting.

Three other families arrive around 1:00, and there is lots of excitement and activity. The moms head to the living room to chat and plan, while the kids go off to play games, see the baby hamster and the new guinea pig, and explore outdoors.

We moms plan a field trip to a local elk viewing area. This will need to be an evening trip since we want to be sure to have opportunity to hear the elk bugling. There is lots of laughter and encouragement as we visit together.

3:30 PM

Our friends have left for their homes, and we are finished with homeschool for the day. I transform myself from homeschool teacher to just plain mom for the rest of the day. 


  1. I love the glimpse into your day! Sounds a little like ours, but we don’t go quite as many directions. :-)

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