The Homeschool Mother’s Journal (9-7)

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The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…

Kendra had a well-baby check on Tuesday, and she weighed . . . 22 pounds, 4 ounces! She’s holding steady at the nineteenth percentile after dropping off the charts when she was a few months old. And her head circumference? Ninety-seventh percentile! If my grandfather’s theory is correct, Kendra should be one smart cookie! 😉

In our homeschool this week…

After only two weeks of homeschool, Kaylee has been thoroughly disappointed with her Social Studies and Science PACEs. No, she’s not having any real difficulty with them, but she’s finding them boring and retaining almost nothing from her studies. Today she mentioned that she wanted to use Mystery of History (which Keaton is loving) next year instead of PACEs.

Now, I could have told Kaylee that she made the decision to use PACEs; I could have insisted that she finish what she started. But really, that would mean wasting an entire year of learning time. So today I pulled the PACEs out of her school binder, and we’ll be starting down a different path next week. We’re replacing the Social Studies PACEs with Mystery of History, and we’ll be looking over several different science courses before making a final decision.

I’m so grateful that seven years of homeschooling experience has helped me develop confidence to make changes in our plans as necessary, instead of muddling through with curriculum that just doesn’t work for us. And what a blessing to be able to choose materials to fit the needs and interests of each child!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Last weekend we had an enjoyable get-together with two other homeschool families. It was so refreshing to visit with friends who really “get” the whole homeschooling thing. It was also neat to have the husbands/dads meet for the first time.

I’m cooking…

I made a big batch of Perfect Pizza Sauce for topping our homemade pizzas. We made two pepperoni pizzas and one with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and pepperoni. Yummy!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

“The idea of learning acceptable social skills in a school is as absurd to me as learning nutrition from a grocery store.”
–Lisa Russe

And a snapshot of Weston playing his favorite game, Uno:

Playing Uno


  1. I am so glad you and Kaylee are going to work together to find something she loves… and that she is ambitious enough to not WANT to be bored, you know? Thanks for sharing your week!

  2. carole hoch says:

    Joan spoke my sentiments exactly, but love the picture of Weston….so cute!

  3. I think it’s AWESOME that she mentioned her thoughts about the curriculum and what she was interested in instead. How much easier it is to have their input (whether its works out or not) and have those lines of communication open. Just think – it could spill over into over parts of her life and she’ll share other things (especially since you were willing to listen and make changes)!

  4. What a wonderful blessing of homeschooling that curriculum can be changed. It should fit the child, not the opposite, which is what has to happen in a brick and mortar school. And, I just LOVE your quote! I am going to borrow that one, for sure. :-) I am glad that you had a nice get-together with other homeschoolers and that the husbands got to meet, too. Maybe someday we can figure out a way to meet up! :-) Your son’s photo is just too cute, btw! Have a great weekend, friend!

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