Tenth Grade Homeschool Curriculum {2014-2015}

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Tenth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

It was a pleasant surprise to find that I didn’t have to research any curriculum choices for Kaylee this year. She knew that she wanted to continue doing most subjects just as she had been, and I definitely agree that she has found her groove.

Tenth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plan

MathMath-U-See Algebra I 

Math-U-See has been such a wonderful fit for all of our children. This year Kaylee will be doing Algebra I. I don’t expect it to be overly difficult for her, since she did extremely well with MUS pre-algebra last year.

GrammarEasy Grammar Plus

Kaylee completed about one fourth of Easy Grammar Plus last year. This year she will do another portion of the book, and the rest will be finished over the next two years.

Vocabulary1100 Words You Need to Know

Last year Devin started using this book, and it fits our homeschooling style perfectly. It has a good mix of words that are just the right level for high school, and each “lesson” is only one page. Kaylee will be completing only about one third of the book this year, leaving the rest for her junior and senior years.

WritingResearch in Increments

I discovered this wonderful book last year after several blog readers suggested it! Written by Susan Kemmerer, the author of a Pennsylvania history curriculum we have used in the past, Research in Increments is an excellent, understandable guide to writing a research paper one step at a time.


Kaylee will be reading several classic pieces of literature this year. Here’s what I’ve decided on so far:

In addition, I’m hoping to find some good reading material that will correlate with her geography studies. Suggestions welcome!

GeographyNorth Star Geography

This is probably the subject I’m most excited about! North Star Geography is a brand new geography course from Bright Ideas Press. And dare I say that it looks . . . exciting? Yes, really!

Confession: I am geographically challenged. I actually never had geography in high school. After switching schools in eighth grade, my new teacher had me draw a world map–and he gave me an “A” in geography!

I’m hoping to take this geography course right along with Kaylee. I obviously have a lot to learn!

BiologySchool of Tomorrow Biology PACEs

Last year Kaylee tried Apologia science, and it was a dismal failure. She ended up switching to PACEs at the end of the first quarter. She definitely wanted to continue with PACEs this year. She will also be using the lab DVD that accompanies the PACEs.

BibleSchool of Tomorrow Old Testament Survey PACEs

Based on Devin’s experience with the Old Testament Survey PACEs last year, I decided to have Kaylee do only half of the course this year. (I really like the content of the PACEs, but there is a lot of material covered.)

ArtCreating a Masterpiece

Kaylee used the DVDs from Creating a Masterpiece last year, and I was totally amazed at what she accomplished! I’ve already purchased several more DVDs and plenty of supplies for this year.

Interested in seeing last year’s curriculum choices for seventh grade? Here is our Ninth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plan from 2013-2014.


  1. Judy, you know I was waiting to see what Kaylee was up to and it sounds neat! I had to laugh at your geography situation – I don’t think I EVER had a class in it until college, and I was baffled. (Like, seriously, I’m pretty sure I had no idea that Asia was a “continent” until I was in high school, maybe!)

    Sarah, on the other hand, LOVES geography, so I’ll be interested to see what you guys think of North Star, which I’m hearing a lot about!

  2. Thank you for these links. I have bookmarked some for future reference!

  3. Sounds like a great 10th grade plan! I have a 9th grader (and a 7th grader who is doing mostly 9th grade work) so I’ll be very interested to hear how it goes for you this year. I’m definitely going to check out Research in Increments and North Star Geography–they both sound like great resources. If I had any geography in school, I don’t remember it now! :-)

  4. We have much in common. :) I also live in PA, my oldest daughter will be in 10th grade this year (taking Algebra 1.) She took pre-Algebra in 9th grade as well. I was wondering if you gave your daughter a math credit for pre-Algebra in 9th grade. This was our first year homeschooling high school, and any information you can give me would be great!! Thank you so much for this blog. I have really enjoyed reading it.

    • So nice to meet you, Becky! My daughter did receive a credit for pre-algebra in 9th grade. I think I called it General Math. Our evaluator was perfectly fine with that. I hope this helps! :-)

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