Top 5 Speakers I’d Like to Meet at GHC

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Top 5 Speakers to Meet at GHC

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One of the highlights of a homeschool convention is the opportunity to learn from well-known homeschool leaders. These amazing people inspire, encourage, and equip parents in every stage of the homeschool journey.

If I could meet just five of the speakers at Great Homeschool Conventions, I think it would be these:

1. Linda Lacour Hobar – Author of the much-loved Mystery of History series, Linda Lacour Hobar has helped history become enjoyable in our homeschool. I’d love to just soak up some of her tips for making history come alive!

2. Steve Demme – After a year filled with frustration and tears over math, we made the switch to Math-U-See and have never looked back. Mr. Demme–and his sense of humor–is now somewhat of a fixture in our homeschool. In fact, when my daughter was only two, she would ask to “watch Mr. Demme.” Now that’s fame! 😉

3. Susan Kemmerer – Susan Kemmerer is the author of a PA history curriculum that we have used in our homeschool. That alone is enough to make me want to meet her. But there’s more: She’s also a mother of nine, which means she has plenty of ideas to share about large family homeschooling.

4. Dr. Benjamin Carson – Dr. Carson is an excellent example of great character and significant accomplishments, even in the face of adversity. (Read more about Dr. Carson here.)

5. Matt Walsh – As a writer and speaker, Matt Walsh is known for plainly telling things as they are. His writing is both solid and thought-provoking. I respect his conservative viewpoint and his courage in sharing it.

Which speakers would you most like to meet at GHC?

GHC Blogger Meet-ups

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  1. I met Linda Hobar in the elevator at the hotel. I had no idea who she was until we talked. Then we met each other again a few times throughout the conference. Really nice lady!

    I also got a selfie with Matt Walsh. His speech was amazing. Not surprised! :)

    • So neat that you got to meet to of my picks, Darlene! And if Matt Walsh’s speaking were only half as good as his writing, it would still be amazing. :-)

  2. He was so humble. Had a sort of shy way about him, and yes, it was every bit as good as his blog. I hope you get to meet them too!

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