Junior Explorers: Science Subscription for Kids

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Junior Explorers: Science Subscription for Kids

Kindergarten. In our large-family homeschool, it’s usually strictly business–meaning math and phonics. Science and history are often neglected in favor of building early letter and number skills.

I’m always happy when I find a way to include these neglected subjects for my younger children. Weston recently sampled a wonderful science subscription kit that proved to be a perfect solution for our busy schedule.

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time spent writing this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own; I was not required to post a positive review.

Junior Explorers: Science Subscription for Kids

Junior Explorers is a science subscription program designed to help elementary-aged kids enjoy learning about wildlife and nature. Each month kids get to visit a new ecosystem where they solve a mystery while building their science knowledge.

Quick look at how it works:

  • A new mission kit is delivered to your home every month; the kit includes fact sheets, collectibles, and learning activities.
  • Kids go online to experience the new ecosystem and complete the mission.
  • Throughout the mission, kids earn points that can later be donated as cash to a non-profit conservation group.

Junior Explorers Science Subscription
Weston absolutely LOVED the Junior Explorers Mission Arctic kit! He completed almost everything in one sitting (about an hour or so), and the next day he wanted to do it all over again.

Why Use a Science Subscription for Kids?

1. Combines digital and tactile learning

If your kids are anything like mine, they probably like anything digital. And if it resembles an engrossing video game? Why, that’s all the better!

Weston definitely loved the game-like feel of the online part of the program. He also enjoyed the story line and getting to “meet” Kia and Kyle (the main characters of the mission).

Junior Explorers Science Subscription

What I loved about the online portion was that every single activity had learning value and was designed to reinforce the overall learning experience.

For example, after learning about lemmings and snowy owls, an interactive game had Weston trying to help a snowy owl “catch” a lemming without crashing into the ground or other obstacles. The game was super fun, but at the same time it was reminding him over and over of the facts that he had just learned.

The hands-on portion of the kit gives kids another way to learn. For example, Weston’s kit included flash cards about the animals he learned about during the mission. He was genuinely engrossed as I read aloud some of the facts from the flash cards. Painless learning–a real win!

Science Subscription for Kids

2. Requires absolutely no planning time

I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that the Junior Explorers mission kit required zero planning time! All I had to do was sit down with Weston and read the information to him as he completed the mission. That’s it.

No difficult manual to read. No worksheets to print. No supplies to round up. Love it!

3. Ultra convenient

I find it incredibly frustrating to have to run to the store to get homeschool supplies. Pencils, erasers, glue sticks, art supplies–I order everything I possibly can online to save time and stress.

Have a complete kit of awesome themed science materials delivered right to the mailbox? Yes, please!

Junior Explorers Mission Arctic

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Follow Junior Explorers

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  1. Sweet pics of a sweet little boy!!!

  2. Hi Judy.. I’m trying to sign up via their website, but it keeps saying my CC info is invalid.. I’ve tried 2 different cards.. I don’t know if the link isn’t working correctly or what. I’ll try it again. Just wanted to let you know in case anyone else has this same problem.


    • Ahh, I figured it out! I needed to select my son’s name as the same as the billing address.. A little confusing, but I got it! Thanks for this great info and recommendation!

      • Just now seeing this, Tanya – so glad you got it figured out! Thank you for sharing this info in case others may have the same issue.

        I hope your son enjoys Junior Explorers as much as mine does! :-)

  3. Westin is a fine young lad. Looks like he came out on the short end of a fight though….;)

    • I told him what you said. :-) Those teeth are taking quite a bit of time to get in there, but he is pretty excited about them.

      P.S. When can you come to visit again?

  4. Applewood says:

    Didn’t know I was invited! jk Usually, I wait for the man of the house to extend an invitation, so it is entirely up to Big Wes. I’d really prefer that the temperature be above 12 degrees this time though. No more long, frigid walks for Uncle D….;)

    • You’ll just have to tell those kids of mine that you aren’t going outside! They are crazy sometimes. And I promise we won’t have chicken and rice again the next time you come. 😛 Seriously, let me know when you have time off. We’d love to have you!

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