Large Family Shopping at Sam’s Club®

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Having seven kids at home means that we are always running out of something. Milk. Bread. Toothpaste. Toilet paper.

Especially toilet paper.

I have been thinking about doing some serious stockpiling of basic necessities, and this week I finally sprang for a Sam’s Club® membership. I really should have done this much, much sooner.

We headed out to Sam’s Club®­ specifically to stock up on Scott® 1000 toilet tissue, the brand we have used for the last 18 years or so. It has been our top pick all these years because it is septic safe and because it lasts longer — even when the kids use huge amounts. (Please tell me our kids aren’t the only TP hogs.)

Shopping at Sam's Club®

The littlest shoppers absolutely loved the double cart!

And for the record, we did stock up! We found the Scott® 1000 bonus pack (available only at select Sam’s Club locations and online). The bonus pack contains 36 rolls of tissue, each with 100 extra sheets! That’s just like getting 3 extra rolls for FREE!

I also found out that you can get a $5 rebate on Scott tissue when you download the Ibotta app. (It’s free, too!)

Scott® 1000 bonus pack

We ended up purchasing quite a bit more than just toilet tissue, though. I even found a really nice coat for my 4-year-old, and the price was right, too.

All the kids had a blast finding things they wanted to buy . . . mostly food. They were amazed at the large packages. Finally, food that comes in large-family quantities!

Sam's Club®­ - great for large family shopping!

Yes, we got the popcorn. And a large container of fresh pineapple. And a huge can of mixed nuts. And even some delicious baked goods that were mostly gone before we made it home.

We’re already looking forward to our next trip to Sam’s Club®. You can be sure that we will be stocking up on some family-sized deals!

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