Paperless Home Organization {Review}

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Paperless Home Organization

In my search for the perfect home organization system, I’ve stumbled across plenty of free printable planners. I’ve even designed my own half-size daily planner and half-size menu planner to suit my personal planning style.

Somehow, though, my home management binder never moved beyond a few favorite printables. Scribbled notes, appointment reminders, and unfinished lists filled the pockets of my binder and overflowed onto my desk.

I knew I needed to implement a new system, but I found it difficult to make and follow through with a new plan. I found the perfect solution in Paperless Home Organization, a step-by-step guide to setting up a digital home organization system.

Paperless Home Organization

Paperless Home Organization, an new ebook by Mystie Winckler, contains the very best information I’ve ever read on setting up and using a home management system. In the ebook Mystie walks you through the process of getting organized, using only free web-based programs that sync with free apps on Apple or Android devices.

The digital organization system is centered around three online tools and their corresponding apps:

  • Google account (Gmail and Google calendar)
  • Remember the Milk
  • Evernote

Every step of using each of these tools is thoroughly covered in the ebook. No need to strike out on your own–just follow along one step at a time!

The ebook also includes several other valuable resources, including:

  • Quick Start Reference
  • Detailed sample structure for setting up your Evernote “files” and RTM task lists
  • Hints for keeping up with your organization system on a daily basis
  • List of extra resources for organization and time management

Plus, if you already own (or decide to purchase) Mystie’s ebook Simplified Dinners, she is offering a FREE Simplified Dinners food “stack” for use in Evernote when you also purchase Paperless Home Organization! You’ll find all the information inside the ebook.

The Paperless Home Organization ebook is normally priced at $7.99, but through January 31, 2013, you can get your copy for only $2.99. This is a fabulous deal on an ebook that will help you get organized and stay that way! NOW ONLY $3.99!


  1. Staci Woodruff says:

    This sounds wonderful, but I don’t use Google mail. However, hubby does, and loves it. I may have to switch over…

  2. michelle brownell says:

    This sounds wonderful and something I am looking to do. I would love to see some info regarding Windows users. I am currently transitioning many of my paper lists into Onenote. Would this eBook be helpful for Windows users?

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