Our Homeschool Curriculum: Grade 11 {2012-2013}

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Grade 11 Homeschool Curriculum

I really enjoy the mental challenge that comes with homeschooling a student in the upper grades. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’ve never taught these courses before. Whatever the reason, I have had a lot of fun researching and choosing the specific courses that Brandon will be using for his junior year.

Eleventh Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plan

MathMath-U-See Stewardship

WritingIEW Student Writing Intensive-B

Literature–Recommended literature from Notgrass American history:

SpellingSpelling Power

HistoryNotgrass Exploring America

ScienceApologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry

BibleAOP Life of Christ

KeyboardingDr. Fry’s Computer Keyboarding

Auto UpkeepAuto Upkeep Homeschool Curriculum 

Our eleventh grade homeschooler


You can also read about this year’s plans for third grade, sixth gradeeighth grade, or ninth grade, or find out more about our 2011-2012 curriculum choices.

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  1. Tammy Grubaugh says:

    I just realized that you had already posted your curriculum choices for 11th grade. My son, who will be an 11th grader this year, all of a sudden decided that he wants to homeschool for his last two years. I homeschool my younger kids grades 7th-toddler but the year we switched to homeschool my older children hated it and begged to return to the public charter school they came from. I suddenly have to navigate through transcripts and credits.
    This is what I plan for my son so far this year.
    Math – Teaching Textbooks Geometry- He has already taken Algebra 1 and 2 in school and that is what his transcript is missing.
    English 3- Switched on Schoolhouse language arts 11th grade- I was blessed to find older edition SOS entire curriculum grades 8-11 in a free box at our local co-op. The Lord new before I did. There are only two pieces of literature that go with SOS Eng. 3 and I will see how I goes before I add more.
    History- Switched on Schoolhouse Geography and Civics- it is for their 9th grade but geography is what is missing from his transcript.
    Science- He wants physics on his transcript so I bought AO Life Pac physics used from E-bay. I am also going to look at the free Easy Peasy high school physics that should be finished August 1st.
    Elective- Online SAT prep through the College Board.
    Elective- He is going to take a high school writing class at our local co-op. This is his weak area.
    He will also be making SAT vocabulary flash card from Spark Notes 1000 most common words.
    I am following our Texas Education Agency recommend graduation plan because he plans to attends a 4 year college but it is not required.


    • Wow, Tammy–physics! I haven’t had to tackle physics so far; we did do chemistry last year using Apologia, and it went pretty well. I like the idea of the co-op writing class. For some reason, writing is especially difficult for me to teach.
      I’d also love to know what you think of the SOS geography and civics. I will have more children needing those courses soon, and I’m always looking for the best fit for each child. :-)

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