6 Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Space {Guest Post}

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Organizing Your Homeschool Space

While it’s grand and wonderful to have a whole room dedicated to homeschooling, few families actually have this luxury. And let’s face it, even when you do have a homeschool room, you probably spend a lot of time in the rest of the house doing things.

Whether you have a space only for schooling, or have claimed some space in another room, there are many things you can do to maximize your space and keep things organized, no matter how small your area is.

6 Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Space

1. Make it versatile

Your kids will grow and every year of teaching will mean a change in supplies and curriculum. So whatever you use in your homeschool space, it should be easy to convert for new purposes and materials as needed.

Use labels, chalkboard tags or other removable and re-writeable tags so that you can get years of use from them. And if you are going to invest in new organizational items, consider how well they will hold up over time to daily use. The cheapest option is not always the best in the long term.

2. Use a bin or cubby system

There are many ways to use bins in a homeschool room, from art supplies to small toys for preschoolers. One great use is to give each of your children a small bin or cubby to put their projects-in-progress, favorite art supplies and other “important” items in.

This allows you to clear off your tables when school is not in session without losing track of things. In addition, your kids feel like they have their own school space to store their most prized artwork in.

3. Keep papers in 3-ring binders

Binders are extremely easy to keep organized and they don’t take up much space. Whether it’s the most prized artwork of your kids, tests and paperwork, or your own lesson plans, binders and plastic sleeves are very versatile and can be used over and over again for many different purposes.

4. Combine form with function

Not everyone can devote an entire room to homeschooling, but it’s important that where ever you are teaching, your pupils can stay on task.

  • Create colorful tack boards to illustrate your lessons.
  • Consider hanging a curtain that you can pull back when school is out for the day to keep distractions out of sight.
  • Don’t forget that you can also build storage UP the walls instead of just along them.

5. Organize & store toys and supplies according to the height of your children

When you put things within reach of your toddler or little kids, you are essentially inviting them to play with them, whether you really want them to or not! So when you are decorating and organizing your homeschool space, if there are things that you don’t want them getting into, make sure to put them out of reach. Instead, load up the shelves they can reach with age-appropriate toys and books.

6. Simplify what you need

There are tons of teaching resources available online, so it’s possible that you don’t need to buy stacks and stacks of books. And when books are needed, you might be able to borrow many items from your local library. Some of them even let you reserve items ahead of time online.

Simply put, when you’ve got less stuff, you need less space to organize it. So only buy as much as you actually need.

About the author: Tiffany is the author and editor of No Ordinary Homestead, where she writes about life and her personal pursuit of living a balanced, happy life with her husband, 4-year-old daughter, huge dog and two crazy cats. She loves to help others “hack life,” so they can make their own lives better and learn to live an organized life without having to go through the long trial and error process that she did!


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