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Mr. D Math - Online Math Classes for Homeschool

Without a doubt, math has caused more tears in our homeschool than any other subject. And I’m not talking about advanced math, either. Even elementary math lessons–memorizing facts, dividing fractions, and mastering long division–often ended in frustration.

After several horrendous days where all three school-aged children were crying over their math lessons, I knew something had to change. So change we did. We switched to another well-known math program, and things DID go more smoothly.

But as the kids reached high school math, we faced another problem. As much as I enjoy algebra, geometry, and advanced math, I apparently have zero talent for explaining math concepts–especially to struggling students.

The solution? Online math classes with a gifted teacher who knows how to help students truly understand math.

Online math classes with Mr. D Math

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Introducing Mr. D Math

Mr. D Math solves the problem of math frustration with online classes and video tutorials that actually make sense. Mr. DiNoia knows his stuff, and even better, he knows how to help kids really “get” math, too.

Keaton is using Mr. D’s online pre-algebra class, and–I can hardly believe this–I haven’t heard ONE complaint! Believe me, I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s a peek at what Keaton’s pre-algebra lessons look like:

Why We Love Mr. D Math

1. Mr. D does ALL the teaching.

I love that Mr. D does all the teaching! I don’t have to plan lessons, prepare examples, or struggle to present challenging math concepts effectively.

And I don’t have to grade papers, either! In Mr. D Math, students enter their own grades after each lesson, and quizzes are taken online and graded by the system. Huge timesaver!

2. Students can work at their own pace.

Many online classes operate on a live schedule throughout the year, meaning that students have to be available at a designated class time. Not so with Mr. D Math! Keaton can view the lessons any time of the day or night–no being tied down to a course schedule!

In addition, it’s super simple for Keaton to work at his own pace. If he doesn’t understand something, he can slow down or repeat the lesson. If he finds a particular lesson to be easy, he can work through it quickly and move on. Just how homeschooling ought to be!

Online pre-algebra class with Mr. D Math

3. Students can easily work independently.

All of my kids prefer to work as independently as possible. Nothing frustrates them more than having to wait until I have time to teach or help them with something.

With Mr. D Math, Keaton can watch the video lesson, print out the worksheets, correct his work, and enter his daily grade–all without any help from me at all. He can work independently from start to finish. This is THE biggest plus for our family!

Other Online Math Classes with Mr. D

Mr. D Math offers ALL of the following math classes:

In addition to the self-paced courses, Mr. D Math also has summer courses, readiness classes, and monthly class sessions available!

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