Meet My Kids {Part 1}

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I’ve recently realized that, although you all hear me mention my kids regularly, you may not have faces to put with their names. Time for a virtual introduction!



At 19, Brandon is our oldest child and our first homeschool graduate. Thanks to the flexibility of  homeschooling, he was able to work full-time throughout his senior year. He started in a local factory as a sandblaster and has since moved up to welding, which he really enjoys.

Brandon is doing an excellent job of preparing for a career without college, and we are so proud of his hard work.

When he’s not working, Brandon’s time and attention are mostly focused on his girlfriend, Christina. He also manages to find time to do our family’s grocery shopping when Dad is working out of town.



Devin, age 17, is currently in eleventh grade. He is taking advantage of his flexible homeschool schedule by working full-time at a nearby mini-farm. He is tentatively planning to pursue a career in auto mechanics.

Devin recently withdrew from the Civil Air Patrol after three years of membership. He still dreams of flying someday (and in fact he flew a plane twice before he was old enough to drive!).

Since he is always on the go, Devin is likely to be called on to run errands or pick up groceries for me. He also does most of our family’s chauffeuring, driving his younger siblings to various activities. Huge blessing!



Our oldest daughter, Kaylee, is 15 years old; she is in tenth grade this year. She is a motivated student who values the extra time that homeschooling gives her to pursue her hobbies and interests.

Kaylee enjoys cake decorating, baking, art, and piano lessons. She teaches Sunday School at our church, and is also looking forward to participating in a teen missions trip to Haiti next summer.

I have no idea how I would manage without Kaylee’s daily help with cooking, cleaning, and babysitting. She makes my life easier in a thousand ways, even allowing me to grab a nap after a rough night.



Keaton, age 13, is in eighth grade. (Yes, I’m homeschooling FOUR teenagers!) Like most of the older children, he prefers to work independently; he can often be found in his room, trying to find a quiet place to study.

Keaton’s interests include reading, art, and staying in touch with his friends via Facetime. He also enjoys the challenge of activities such as juggling, riding a unicycle, and arm wrestling.

Since the older boys are now working full-time, Keaton has taken over most of the lawn care, which is a huge job. He also helps with household chores and often makes my life easier by fixing spaghetti for supper.



Our next son, Collin, is 11 years old. He is straddling fifth and sixth grade, and preparing to enter seventh grade next fall.

Collin is currently obsessed with “magic” tricks with cards. He even started his own YouTube channel to share his skills with other kids. He also enjoys hunting and got his first deer a few weeks ago.

Collin is a big help with cleaning and lawn work, and he is always willing to help with the baby when I need a few minutes to get something done. He is also learning to be patient when his little brother wants to do everything that he does!


I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve only introduced five of our eight children, but I thought I’d give you a chance to catch your breath before meeting the three little ones. Trust me, if you were meeting them in real life, you’d be thankful for a quick breather! 😉

Someday I’d like to share about the two babies we are missing in between the two sets of kids . . . someday. If you’ve experienced miscarriage, I know you’ll understand how special those babies really are.

Yes, I’m a blessed mom–and I thank God for each one of my blessings!

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