A Letter to My Teen Son

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I’ve always tried to tell my kids how much I love and appreciate them, but as they get older, they don’t have time for all that mushy stuff. So today I’m writing a letter to one of my teen boys to let him know just how important he is to me.

Thank you to Yoplait Go Big for inspiring me to write this letter. Go Big believes that teens are amazing–and I completely agree!



A Letter to My Teen Son

Dear Collin,

I’m really not sure where to start in telling you how much you mean to me! I know you’re not really into sentimental tears and all that mushy stuff, so I’ll just spell it out in simple black and white.

I’ve been blessed to be your mom for the last thirteen years. Honestly, you break that mold that society calls a “teenager.” And that’s a really good thing–here’s why:

You are respectful. Even when things don’t go the way you’d like, or when you disagree with Dad or me, you still keep a respectful attitude and tone of voice. I can’t tell you how proud this makes me! In a world where there is a serious lack of respect for authority of any kind, you stand out.

You are an amazing big brother. It’s not always easy having a kid brother tag along wherever you go. And it’s definitely not fun when your little sister needs a nap right when you want to go somewhere! Time and time again, though, you’ve graciously given up your plans to meet the needs of the little ones. That makes you awesome in my eyes!


You often use your free time to play with the little ones–pushing them on the swings, jumping with them on the trampoline, or just taking them outside to play. You even taught Kendra to ride her bike without training wheels and beamed over her accomplishment!

You take time to fill sippy cups or make PB&J because you know it makes little hearts happy. Every time I hear a little sister’s voice asking where you are, I know you’ve earned your title of awesome big brother!

You are a hard worker. Dad and I frequently and gratefully mention to one another what a huge help you are around the house. Whether it’s cleaning the car or doing the dishes, we can always count on you to be faithful and to do a good job.

You’re also always ready to do extra things that need done, volunteering to help when you aren’t even required to. That speaks volumes to me.

You are committed. When you set a goal, you are committed to accomplishing it. Basketball is a great example. You’ve spent hours practicing your shots–again, with your little brother at your side. That kind of commitment will pay off throughout your entire lifetime.

My desire is that you have that same earnest commitment to following Jesus every day. THAT is a goal that is truly worth accomplishing!




New Snack for My Teen Son

Collin is very active and is also in a growth spurt–yes, he is ALWAYS hungry! Naturally, I was excited when I was invited to try the new Yoplait Go Big yogurt pouches.


Go Big is a new, larger yogurt pouch that is perfect for teen appetites. Go Big is made with real fruit and is a good source of calcium. It contains NO artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup (yeah!) and is gluten-free, too.

Go Big pouches are available in 8-count packages with two sets of flavors:

  • Strawberry/Mixed Berry
  • Peach Mango/Cherry

Because Go Big is a new product, you may not be able to find them in every store yet. We found them at a local Walmart supercenter. Thanks, Go Big, for covering the cost of our first purchase!


I love that Go Big is a nutritious snack for my growing son–and HE loved the flavor and cool refreshment after an active round of shooting hoops! In fact, I’m heading out this afternoon to purchase another package. Love you, Collin! 😉

Write a Letter to Your Teen

Yoplait Go Big wants to hear about YOUR awesome teenager! Write a letter to your teen (ages 13-17) and share it on the Go Big Facebook page. Go Big will choose three teens to spotlight, giving them an opportunity to share their story with the world!

Why not take a minute now to write a heartfelt letter to your teen? Sure, they may be like mine and not enjoy all that sentimental stuff, but deep down they will appreciate it for a lifetime!

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