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Most homeschool families I know are living on a single income and always looking for another way to stretch a buck. As a family of ten, we are no exception.

From an early age, my older kids learned the ins and outs of using coupons at the grocery store. In fact, my oldest son was about 12 when he began checking out coupon orders on his own. (And yes, he was good at it, too!)

While we don’t use nearly as many grocery coupons as before (we are trying to eat less processed food), I’m still on the lookout for ways to save.

My favorite way to save money on purchases is to look online for discount codes or coupons. As a frequent online shopper, I try to always find some kind of discount before I check out with my order.


I recently discovered, a website with coupons and promo codes for online stores, as well as printable coupons to be used in-store.

The homepage lists a wide variety of coupons to choose from:

  • Restaurant coupons
  • Zoo coupons
  • Auto coupons
  • Department store coupons

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Stores are listed visually within these four categories, making them easy to spot. Any time that you click on a particular store to see the available coupons, you have the option of subscribing for deal alerts from that store. I think that could be a handy way to stay updated about available coupons for stores that you visit frequently.

You can also find more coupons by selecting from a keyword menu. Choose from keywords like baby, crafts, hotels, pets, or shoes, for example.

I really like that the coupons aren’t limited to grocery store coupons. Whether you want to save money while eating out or need a coupon for your favorite clothing store, you can check for any available deals. And zoo coupons? Perfect for homeschool families!

A few tips for using coupon websites:

  • Always double-check the expiration dates of any listed deals or coupons to be sure they are still valid.
  • Be sure that any printable coupons are intended by the manufacturer to be printed.

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