Homeschool Mother’s Journal: April 19, 2013

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The Homeschool Mother's Journal

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In our homeschool this week…

I’m rejoicing because I got that overwhelming pile of papers graded and filed! Next week I will begin sorting through the papers I’ve already filed for portfolios, determining what will make the cut and what will not.

I’m already planning for next year–anyone else? I’m a bit unusual, I guess, because I actually love to research curricula and plan for the new school year. I’ve even gotten a few packages already–including a box from Bright Ideas Press containing Mystery of History Vol. IIYou’ll be hearing more about this soon!

Mystery of History II

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We took advantage of the beautiful spring weather to make a visit to our favorite little park. The little ones especially had a wonderful time! At first Kendra was a bit afraid of the slide, but when it was time to leave, she wanted to stay and slide more. :-)


{Collage Friday}

Things I’m working on…

I’ve finally gotten started on some much-needed organizing. Who could ever imagine how much clutter and “stuff” can accumulate in a large-family household? The last two days I’ve been working in the laundry room: sorting, storing, and cleaning. And it feels good!

I’m also dreaming about doing some painting and simple redecorating. I’ve already given Brandon notice that there WILL be some painting to be done. Now I’ve just got to decide which rooms, what colors, and when the work will begin.

I’m cooking…

Cheesy Chicken and Rice. And it was delicious!


I’m praying for…

My friend lost her husband to cancer this week. She is raising 6 children, ages 17 and under. I’ve been praying for their family. Sometimes this kind of tragedy doesn’t make sense, but I’m trusting that God knows what He is doing.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


My little princess, getting ready to leave for church

Heritage History homeschool curriculum


  1. Hi there. I found your link over at Homeschool Mother’s Journal link-up. I’m with you, I love researching curricula! Then again, I was also the kid who got all excited about shopping for school supplies, lol! If you get the chance, stop by and check out the fun we’re having at

  2. Those pictures are adorable! 😉 Sounds like you had a nice week this week. That cheesy chicken casserole looks yummy!!!

  3. Yep, I, too, enjoy researching and planning. In fact, as I write this, there is a large stack of papers and catalogs beside me – all for next year :-) Organizing is on my to do list too. It is so nice when it is done! Right now, I’m still in the purge stage for our house. Looking forward to getting it all organized.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds so devastating and besides the horrible grief, having to think about how they will support themselves. I will remember to pray this week for her, that the Lord will show her his faithfulness and love in tangible ways right.

    You have a precious family! Visiting from ihomeschool.

    I just finished buying all the curriculum for next year, used, and it was exhausting looking for good prices but I guess I do enjoy it. Too much computer time involved, however. Have a blessed week!

  5. I must be OBSESSIVE! I started looking and planning and BUYING curricula in December! But I can’t pass up AWESOME deals, right? I was able to get 2 complete Easy Grammars (with Daily Grams) NEW from another homeschool for just $20! All I have left is Story of the World 3 with activity book. I’m holding out that I can get it used cheap somewhere! LOL

    Oh, I’ll have to check out that cheesy chicken and rice! I love simple to pull together meals!

  6. I just had to print our your recipe for cheesy chicken and rice. It looks like perfect comfort food for this rainy Georgia Day :-)

    I like looking at curriculum too. I’ve already had three big boxes of stuff come in where I’ve been buying books for the kids to look at and choose some unit themes from.

  7. Oh, I love to research and plan too, sometimes even more than actually homeschooling I think 😉 And I love to de-clutter and get rid of things! It feels so good to get everyone outside too. Have a great weekend!

  8. Nope, I don’t think you’re unusual. I’ve been planning for next year, too, and looove researching new things, even when I’m happy with (and end up sticking with) what we’ve been using. :)

  9. What is funny is that even though our families are very different in many ways, you and I are SO much alike in so many, Judy! I am already planning and researching and investigating too – even though we won’t use any particular curricula :) But it doesn’t stop us from using the “end of the year” as a way to reset our goals for the coming year, and, of course, to buy new books! Like we needed an excuse to do that…

  10. I saw your link on Mary’s Friday Collage linky. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. I have a friend who is battling breast cancer. All we can do is trust in God. I look forward to hearing about Mystery of History

  11. Judy – I’m SO sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. This breaks my heart. I will pray. We have a friend in our co-op who we just took dinner to last week. Her husband has stage 4 Melanoma and just had open heart surgery – such a tough road they face, and they have 3 children. These things just don’t make sense sometimes.

    I’m so glad you linked with Collage Friday – hooray for getting some organizing done!

  12. I’m working on piles of paperwork too! Though I don’t think I’ve made as much progress as you have. Kudos to you! I like to plan ahead too and am beginning to do so. And organizing is on the top of my list too. Wishing you well with your efforts! I am stopping by from HMJ. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed weekend.

  13. Judy, just stopped to pray for your friend. so sad!
    Your casserole looks great – I’m posting chicken and noodle on Kids in the Kitchen tonight – link up with this post if you can :) Your kiddos are adorable

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