Homeschool Mother’s Journal (5/2)

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Homeschool Mother's Journal

I think I can finally say that spring has arrived here in Pennsylvania! The kids are enjoying riding their bikes and playing basketball, and I am slowly beginning to get in the mood for some spring cleaning. Slowly, but it’s happening, y’all.

I’ve been feeling just a teeny bit sad that I haven’t gotten my little ones in for pictures for (gasp) over a year now. I never thought I’d be THAT mom. But until I get a portrait session scheduled, I’ve been taking as many snapshots as I can.

These pictures are from Easter Sunday. Believe me, it took half the family and a whole lot of antics to get these few shots. Apparently Kiera doesn’t see the need to have any memories of her babyhood saved for the future.


We are counting down the days to the end of the school year! Please tell me I’m not alone. I have these lofty ideas that I should be enjoying homeschooling so much that I feel sad to see the year end . . . but it ain’t so, folks.

I still really enjoy homeschooling (most of the time), and I still firmly believe that it is the best choice for our family, BUT I am tired. I need a break. I need to clean like a crazy woman. (Let’s hope that last part actually happens this summer.)


Just in case you missed it earlier this week, I want to mention this roundup of free printable ABC Bible verse cards. These are perfect for helping your little ones to memorize verses while learning their ABCs!

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And if you’re looking for more free Kindle books, you can check out this list of books from the Tom Swift series.

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