Homeschool Mother’s Journal (4/4)

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Homeschool Mother's Journal

I can hardly believe that the weather is finally warming up and the snow is really gone here in PA! I’ll confess that the last few weeks sorely tried my patience. It was beginning to feel like winter would last f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Now we are mired in mud, but the kids don’t let that stop them from playing outside. The younger boys are enjoying the trampoline, and believe it or not, the older boys are riding their dirt bikes almost every evening!

We girls aren’t quite as interested in getting dirty, so we stay busy inside. Kendra spends hours drawing and coloring most days. Sometimes it seems like her art supplies are going to take over the schoolroom. :-)


She is also loving the Uncle Arthur Bedtime Stories that I found for a decent price on eBay. No matter how many stories I read, she always asks for more!

Kiera is 15 months now and tries to do what the “big kids” do. She likes to sit up at the table and color like Kendra does. And do you see how well she hold her crayon?


And now on to the Homeschool Mother’s Journal . . .

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  1. YES YES YES to Pennsylvania winter leaving (finally!)

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