Homeschool Mother’s Journal (2/7)

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Homeschool Mother's Journal

Have you ever felt that life was just too much? Too much stress . . . too many challenges . . . too much to do?

I’ve been feeling that way this week. Every day has seemed to bring more problems, more stress, more worries.

But in the middle of the night a thought came to me: We don’t have to struggle along carrying these burdens that are too heavy for us.

As moms, when we see our children trying to carry a load that is too heavy for their little arms, we are quick to take that load and carry it for them. And that’s just what our Heavenly Father wants to do for us, His children. He wants to carry our burdens for us.

But we have to let Him.

I’m guilty of holding on tight to my load of cares and worries, afraid to loosen my puny little grasp on my problems. If I want to be free of the burdens of life, I have to let go and let God carry them for me.

So simple, but yet so profound.


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