What We’re Using for High School Geography

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What We're Using for High School Geography

Geography seems to have developed a bad reputation.

It’s dry . . . it’s boring . . . it’s too hard to remember.

But really, geography doesn’t have to be dry or boring at all! In fact, the right resources can make geography fun, interesting, and memorable for high school students.

I have chosen to partner with Bright Ideas Press this year because we love their products. As a partner, I have been compensated for my time spent writing this post.

What We’re Using for High School Geography

North Star Geography

As I began planning high school geography for my tenth-grade daughter, Kaylee, I knew I had to find something different than what the older boys had used.

We settled on North Star Geography, the brand new high school geography curriculum from Bright Ideas Press. This has quickly become my favorite geography resource ever!

North Star Geography homeschool curriculum

The clean layout and conversational writing style make the textbook appealing . . . and yes, truly interesting. No dry and boring stuff here!

I love that everything needed for the course is included in the Companion Guide:

  • Note-taking pages
  • Memorization lists
  • Maps
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Graphic organizers

I’ll be sharing a close-up look at North Star Geography soon, but in the meantime, you can download a FREE sample lesson and try it for yourself!

Download a FREE sample lesson from North Star Geography!

Online map puzzles

Map puzzles may sound like an overly simplistic learning tool for high school, but I have found that these online map puzzles from Owl and Mouse are excellent for all ages.

A wide variety of map puzzles are available, including maps of the world continents, Europe, Asia, the provinces of China, U.S. states and capitals, and many more.

Free online map puzzles for high school geography

Related reading

Because Kaylee is an avid reader, I always try to include extra reading materials for her wherever possible. I would really like to find a good selection of books that bring the details of other cultures to life . . . but I’m drawing a blank.

What books would you recommend to complement high school geography studies? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  1. I always love to hear what you and family are doing. Your a blessing to so many home-schoolers out there! This year we are using The Visit series by Simply Charlotte Mason. We are studying North America this year and are using two main books as a resource and so far we LOVE them. They are Material World and Hungry Planet, both books by Peter Menzel. The books were a little pricey but, you use the books with all 7 “Visits”. So, if you do one “visit ” a year like we are you will use the books for 7 years and then again with multiple children. Have blessed school year and again, Thank you for sharing. Tracy

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Tracy! I had never heard of any of the books you mentioned, but I will definitely look into them. Thanks for sharing your suggestions! :-)

  2. I loved around the world 80 days. It would be fun to “follow” the trip on a map!

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