Heritage History: Learning with Living Books

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Heritage History: Learning with Living Books

Many people have concluded that history is nothing more than a dry, boring recital of dates and facts that must be endured. And really, if history studies are limited to traditional textbooks, that conclusion is not far off.

But what if history is presented as the fascinating story of real people with real thoughts, feelings, and purposes? What if the exciting events of history are woven into a thrilling story?

The story of history will capture a child’s interest far more readily than a textbook ever could.

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Introducing Heritage History

Heritage History is not a textbook. Rather, it is an extensive collection of classical children’s history books. Heritage History brings history to life with a wide variety of living books: biographies, legends, hero stories, and well-known historical literature adapted for easier reading.

All Heritage History books are available on CD in three formats (PDF, EPUB, and MOBI) so they can be printed or read on any electronic reader. Each collection focuses on a particular civilization and contains dozens of books categorized for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers.

Heritage History: Ancient Greece

Classical Libraries provide excellent supplementary reading for any traditional history program:

Complete Curriculum Libraries contain all the reading materials plus hundreds of pages of study aids, including timelines, historical maps, and core reading recommendations:

Why We Love Heritage History

1. Convenient Kindle Format

Our bookshelves are full and overflowing, and I’ve even had to pack some books away in the basement. I love that I can load an entire collection of Heritage History books onto the Kindle, and there’s still plenty of space for more! (No dusting required, either!)

In addition, it’s so easy to take the Kindle along in the car while we run errands or travel. I love that my kids have access to dozens of high-quality books while we’re on the road.

(If you don’t have a Kindle or other e-reader, you can read the PDF version of the books on your computer with Adobe Reader.)

Heritage History for Kindle

2. Perfect Supplement for Mystery of History

We are using Mystery of History Vol. I this year, and I’ve discovered that Heritage History is a perfect supplement to our text. We recently began studying about Ancient Greece, and it was so simple to hand the Kindle to my son and allow him to choose a book from the Ancient Greece Curriculum Library.

The first book Keaton chose was Our Little Athenian Cousin. This book tells the story of Hiero, a boy who lived in Athens about the time of the Peloponesian War. The author also emphasizes the artistic accomplishments of of the Greeks through a character who is a sculptor.

Heritage History: Our Little Athenian Cousin

3. Captivating Literature

I suggested that my son should read a chapter or two each day. He is a voracious reader, so I wasn’t surprised when he  jumped right into the book. I was surprised when he asked me later if he could read extra–really, how often does a child ask to read history?

I love that my son is loving history! I can’t give Heritage History any higher praise than that.

4. Ease of Use

I love how easy it is to use Heritage History! After inserting the CD into the computer, the menu appears in a browser window that is almost identical to the Heritage History website.

All of the books on the CD are listed by genre and color-coded by suggested reading level. It’s so simple to select the desired format and transfer to your choice of device. If you feel intimidated by this process, there are even step-by-step directions to walk you through it!

Heritage History Screen

5. Affordable Price

I’m always on the lookout for affordable homeschooling materials. Heritage History collections are affordably priced at $19.99 (Classical Libraries) and $24.99 (Curriculum Libraries). The number of books in each collection varies, but the price per book is typically less than $0.55, significantly less than thrift store prices in my area.

This is an amazing deal on a product that I highly recommend!

buy 2 get 1 free June 2013

Questions? Please ask in the comments below!


  1. Thanks much for this!! I need to do a tad more research but I’d like to order this. I think I’ m going to do Charlotte Mason but this history curriculum looks wonderful. Love your blog. :)

    • I’m glad it was helpful, Catie. I love Heritage History so much that I would like to own the entire collection!
      If you decide to purchase, don’t forget to use the discount code judyhoch to get the free CD!

  2. I just found you through MoneySavingMom today. I love this curriculum. It reminds me of the Robinson Curriculum that we use, except they’ve chosen different authors.

    It might be of (a frugal) interest to you to know that many of these books are free/public domain and can be accessed in several formats on Gutenberg. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing so many freebies too!

    • I love that you compared Heritage History to the Robinson Curriculum–I’ve often wondered exactly what it was like! I am aware that many classic books are available on Gutenberg, and that’s another great option. (Love that site!)

  3. Judy, here’s a RC booklist, if you’re interested:
    I noticed browsing around that you have MANY of those books listed as Kindle freebies.
    Great job!

    But it has much more than that. His “philosophy of education” is on there too. It’s very good. He also has a WONDERFUL vocabulary program built into it as well. There are printable worksheets for all the books as well as an interactive (sorta like a ) game built in the CDs.

    Here’s a post I did about the RC if you ever wanna look it over:

    I have 6 kids. ( As Arthur Robinson, and I think you do too?)
    2 of them are graduated. The RC and his approach (similar to many things you use) have proved to be WONDERFUL for their ASVAB scores. We’ve very much enjoyed it.

    You’re doing a great job here!
    So much fun stuff!

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