Awesome Field Trip + Opportunity to Give Back

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Have you ever wanted to give back something in appreciation for a top-notch field trip experience? Thanks to Huggies UltraHug selfie contest, you may have an opportunity to do just that!

A good field trip provides an awesome learning experience wrapped up in a fun package. And if it involves kayaking and water? All the more fun!


Our homeschool group has made many visits to our local state park, where an experienced and kid-friendly park ranger is available to teach the kids about a variety of topics. Our group has enjoyed programs focused on our local history, orienteering, nature study, and more.

Last year’s favorite field trip was kayaking at the park. The wonderful park ranger, Michelle, gave a lesson on basic kayaking safety and maneuvering. Then the kids hopped into the park-provided kayaks and headed out on the water.


Our wonderful park ranger, Michelle, helped Weston get started with his very own kayak!

After the kids got the hang of handling their kayaks, the park ranger took them on an hour-long trip down the river, exploring nature and teaching about various plants and wildlife they encountered along the way.

We appreciate the fact that all the programs are available to enjoy without cost. Naturally I would love to give back in some way for all the great experiences my family has enjoyed at the park.


That’s why I’m happy to hear that Huggies is giving away TEN $2000 grants to worthy community projects! To nominate YOUR favorite project, just submit a selfie in their UltraHug contest!


It’s super easy – hey, if I can do it, you can, too! Just snap a selfie of you and your baby, and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #UltraHug. When you share your selfie, be sure to also nominate the community project that you would love to give back to!

What program will you nominate?

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