Free Math Printable: Divisibility Rules Chart

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I don’t remember ever learning any rules about divisibility when I was in school. I’m still not sure whether I simply missed them, or whether they were never actually taught.

Now, more than twenty years after graduating from high school (oh, my!), I have been learning some basic divisibility rules along with my kids. Major timesavers!

Free Math Printable: Divisibility Rules Chart

This free printable divisibility rules chart would be perfect to use as a wall chart or to add to a student notebook for quick reference!

This free printable divisibility rules chart would be perfect for slipping in a page protector and adding to a student’s notebook for quick reference. It could also be laminated for use as a wall chart.

Either way, I hope your students find this chart useful. Happy homeschooling!


  1. My children are learning these rules also, makes division much easier. I think I slightly remember these rules in my 8th grade year when I was beginning Pre Algebra. I said think. That was a l-o-n-g time ago.

  2. CabotMama says:

    I remember my dad (chem major with math minor) trying to teach some of these rules to me when I was in upper elementary (30+ years ago!). For me, figuring out the rules seemed to take as long as just trial and error division, so I just forgot them – except the 2, 5, and 10 rules. I have a rule-loving fourth grader who may appreciate these rules. Worth a try to introduce to him! Thanks for the freebie!!

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