Free Kindle Books: Six Little Bunkers Series

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Free Kindle Books : Six Little Bunkers Series

The Six Little Bunkers series, a 14-volume juvenile fiction series, was originally published between 1918-1930. Written in a style similar to the Bobbsey Twins series, each book has its own plot that will entertain readers yet today.

Laura Lee Hope, the author named in this series, is actually a pseudonym used by the publisher for several different children’s series. Nine different authors used this pseudonym to write seven different juvenile fiction series:

  1. The Bobbsey Twins
  2. The Outdoor Girls
  3. The Moving Picture Girls
  4. Bunny Brown
  5. Six Little Bunkers
  6. Make Believe Stories
  7. Blythe Girls

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Free Kindle Books: Six Little Bunkers Series

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