Free Kindle Books: Dave Porter Series

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Free Kindle Books - Dave Porter Series

Grow your homeschool library without breaking the bank! Each of these books from the Dave Porter series is FREE for Kindle.

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Free Kindle Books from the Dave Porter Series

  1. Dave Porter in the South Seas or, The Strange Cruise of the Stormy Petrel
  2. Dave Porter in the Far North or, The Pluck of an American Schoolboy
  3. Dave Porter at Star Ranch or, The Cowboy’s Secret
  4. Dave Porter and His Rivals or, The Chums and Foes of Oak Hall
  5. Dave Porter on Cave Island: A Schoolboy’s Mysterious Mission
  6. Dave Porter and the Runaways Last Days at Oak Hall
  7. Dave Porter in the Gold Fields or, The Search for the Landslide Mine
  8. Dave Porter At Bear Camp or, The Wild Man of Mirror Lake
  9. Dave Porter and His Double or, The Disapperarance of the Basswood Fortune

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  1. Courtney says:

    Thank you for all of these wonderful resources for the Kindle! Do you know what age or reading level this series is geared toward?

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