Free Kindle Books: Classics by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Free Kindle Books - Classics by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Grow your homeschool library without breaking the bank! Each of these classic books by Nathaniel Hawthorne is FREE for Kindle.

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Free Kindle Books: Classics by Nathaniel Hawthorne

  1. The Scarlet Letter
  2. Fanshawe
  3. The Marble Faun – Volume 1
  4. The Marble Faun – Volume 2
  5. Twice Told Tales (see contents below)
  6. Mosses from an Old Manse and other stories
  7. Tanglewood Tales
  8. The Blithedale Romance
  9. Grandfather’s Chair
  10. Septimius Felton, or, The Elixir of Life
  11. Sketches and Studies
  12. The Great Stone Face
  13. The Snow Image and other stories
  14. True Stories of History and Biography
  15. Our Old Home: A Series of English Sketches
  16. The Dolliver Romance
  17. A Select Party
  18. A Rill from the Town Pump
  19. A Bell’s Biography
  20. Doctor Grimshawe’s Secret – a Romance

List of stories included in Twice Told Tales:

  • The Minister’s Black Veil
  • Wakefield
  • The Maypole of Merry Mount
  • The Gentle Boy
  • Mr. Higginbotham’s Catastrophe
  • The Great Carbuncle
  • The Prophetic Pictures
  • David Swan
  • The Hollow of the Three Hills
  • Fancy’s Show Box
  • Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment
  • Howe’s Masquerade
  • Edward Randolph’s Portrait
  • Lady Eleanor’s Mantle
  • Old Esther DUdley
  • The Village Uncle
  • The Wedding Knell
  • The Ambitious Guest
  • The Sister Years
  • The White Old Maid
  • The Seven Vagabonds
  • Peter Goldthwaite’s Treasure
  • Chippings with a Chisel
  • The Shaker Bridal
  • Endicott and the Red Cross
  • Edward Fane’s Rosebud
  • The Threefold Destiny

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