Flexible Schedule, Kindergarten and Preschool Fun, and More

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This week marked the end of our first six weeks of homeschool. Definitely an exciting milestone! I’m pleased with what we’ve accomplished so far this year . . . well, in everything except writing, that is.

It’s rather ironic that, while I enjoy writing, I absolutely despise teaching writing. Devin and Kaylee have both taken a fabulous online writing course and benefited from it tremendously, but this year we’re on our own. {big sigh}

On to more exciting things . . .

Lovin’ Our Flexible Schedule

One of the most awesome benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility it offers. Devin is currently working as a farm hand for a local veterinarian during the day, and then completing his homeschool assignments in the evening.

His eleventh grade curriculum is perfectly suited to his independent learning style, which means that I only supervise his lessons these days.


Because that’s how he rolls . . .

And just a side note . . . Don’t believe the naysayers who try to tell you that your homeschooled teen will never learn to get up early for work. It’s a myth.

Both of my older boys get up and leave for work on their own every morning. And hey, they even pack their own lunches, too. Can’t beat that!

Kindergarten and Preschool Fun

I am so enjoying teaching my little ones this year!

Weston (age 6) is very excited to learn to read. So far we have learned the short vowel sounds and two consonants, but he is picking up many more sounds on his own. I love to see his face light up when he sounds out a simple word!

Weston is also working through Saxon Math 1, and he is really doing well. So far his biggest accomplishments are counting to 100 and memorizing his doubles facts through 5+5.


Kendra (age 3) is loving preschool and surprising me with how well she is recognizing her letters! We are doing an unstructured “letter of the week” plan, and so far she has learned and recognizes A, B, and C (upper- and lower-case).

She also practices sounds with Weston, although I certainly don’t expect her to apply phonics rules just yet. However, she may surprise me–Kaylee taught herself to read when she was only 4!


Play Time

The kids have been having a blast with the newly-fallen leaves. We have a semi-wooded yard, so of course we have PLENTY of leaves for them to enjoy!


Kiera has learned to pull herself up in her crib–and she is SO proud of herself! She is also starting to scoot around a bit on the floor. It won’t be long until she is crawling everywhere and starting to cruise around the furniture. Where did my baby go?


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