Drinkbands: Our Dirty Cup Solution

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Drinkbands: our family's solution to too many dirty cups! | Contented at Home

Ever since our children have been old enough to pour their own drinks, we have been dealing with an overwhelming number of used cups. It seems that no one can remember which cup they used ten minutes before, so out comes another . . . and then another.

I think most moms struggle with the same problem. In a larger family like ours, the problem can quickly become a huge issue as the cupboard is completely empty and one entire dishwasher rack is filled with dirty cups and glasses!

What didn’t work for us

  • We tried writing names on plastic cups and banning all drinking glasses. That didn’t work because the older kids preferred to use a glass. Oh, and the permanent marker kept washing off the cups in the dishwasher.
  • We tried using colored rubber bands–geobands “borrowed” from the math manipulative shelf–on everyone’s cup or glass. That didn’t work, either–the rubber bands were constantly disappearing as various siblings engaged in rubber band wars.
  • I even moved the cups and glasses to a higher shelf in hopes that the children would be deterred by having to pull over a chair to reach a clean one. That didn’t make a speck of difference.

I received a free set of Drinkbands to facilitate this review. Because our family loves them so much, this post does contain affiliate links to the products.

Our “dirty cup” solution? Drinkbands!

Using Drinkbands to reduce the number of dirty cups

The only thing that has actually been a lasting solution for our family is Drinkbands. Drinkbands are color-coded bands that stretch to fit almost any size of cup or glass–even sippy cups! And unlike our infamous geobands, Drinkbands are available in enough colors to have a different color for every member of our (large) family.

When we received our Drinkbands, each person chose a color and immediately put it on his cup or glass. Even two-year-old Kendra knows that her color is pink. No more arguing about whose cup is whose. . . no one denying that they left their cup half full of milk. Much better, thank you.

This method really works for us! The proof? Our dishwasher is no longer half full of dirty cups every time we run it. And I love that the Drinkbands can go right through the dishwasher without stretching or discoloring.

Get Drinkbands for your family

Our kids love Drinkbands!

To solve your family’s dirty cup problem, visit the Drinkbands website and find a set that works for you!


  1. Blessings! says:

    I saw a homeschooling family that was living in an RV on youtube that used that idea that or color coding the cups. So, great tip, thanks for the reminder. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  2. Thank you for this! We don’t have a dishwasher – I AM the dishwasher, and I have been suffering under a mountain of cups every day for years. We tried everything you listed. Even different colors and sizes of cups for each child. But nothing ever stuck. I think this will be the perfect solution!

    • Wonderful! I hope your family loves the Drinkbands as much as we do. We do have a dishwasher, but we still had that “mountain of cups” you mentioned–much better now!

  3. What a fabulous idea! We have different size glasses, so we can tell by the glass BUT we only have a family of five! 😉

  4. We have only 5 but each child has his/her own color; towels, shower scrubbies, cups, toothbrushes (the hygienists always asks each child, “What color were you again?”) backpacks, pool goggles, homeschool 3 ring binders (try finding orange!!) even their Easter baskets LOL.. Things we can’t color we tag with the correct color button using thread or a tiny zip tie (such as special shampoo/lotion) anything they need to identify. It really simplified our organization. Happy Parenting :)

  5. I love these bands and use them every day because my family loves to drink cups of water and juice. One trick I’ve learned to keep them from leaving all of their cups in their rooms is to soak the bands in whole milk before putting them on their cups. This way if a cup sits for too long unwashed, the band begins to stink and no one wants that!

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