Homeschool Lunch Idea from Dollar General

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Homeschool moms are busy. Really busy. From phonics to algebra, we are teaching it all, doing our best to help our children get a quality education.

But that’s not all we do! We cook, clean, care for little ones…and many of us work from home, too.

Juggling the many roles of a homeschool mom doesn’t leave me much time for fixing a fancy lunch. We eat way too much boxed mac-n-cheese, pancakes, and hot dogs. Yes, we’re tired of it!

This week we tried something new for lunch: DIGIORNO® RISING CRUST® pizzas from Dollar General. They made an amazing lunch that actually felt like a fun family party!

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I have to admit I didn’t have very high expectations for our lunch, because…frozen pizza. You know what I’m talking about. It usually tastes like cardboard, right?

I was happy to find that DIGIORNO® RISING CRUST® pizzas are surprisingly delicious! They really do rival takeout pizza from your favorite restaurant. In fact, one of my teenage boys actually asked if our lunch came from a local pizza place!

Get $1/1 coupon for DiGiorno pizza at Dollar General!

Our DG store had a nice selection of pizzas, including a supreme variety, but we stuck with just pepperoni on ours. From oldest to youngest, our entire family absolutely loved this “out-of-the-ordinary” homeschool lunch!

To make it even better, Dollar General offers digital coupons that you can clip online and redeem at the checkout by entering your phone number. Super simple!

Get a $1/1 digital coupon for DIGIORNO® RISING CRUST® pizza and make YOUR next homeschool lunch special!

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