Large Family Homeschooling: Fitting in the “Extras”

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Large Family Homeschooling

This post is sponsored by As a homeschooling mom of seven, I can totally relate to the challenges of large family homeschooling. Teaching every subject from chemistry to phonics in one short day can require almost superhuman efforts. Still, the benefits of teaching my children at home far outweigh the challenges of a typical […]

Homeschool Planning for a Large Family

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Homeschool Planning Large Family

Homeschool planning for a large family can seem daunting. From choosing curriculum to setting up a daily schedule, there are seemingly endless decisions to be made. The good news is that you can simplify the homeschool planning process. The key is to prioritize your goals before you begin planning. Homeschool Planning for a Large Family 1. Plan […]

A Typical Day in Our Large-Family Homeschool

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Tot school

7:30 AM Kendra has finally drifted off to sleep after awakening about an hour earlier. I get out of bed and check to see if anyone else is up yet. At a glance, I can see that at least three children are still in bed, but I can also hear voices in the kitchen. Time […]