Online Standardized Testing for Homeschool

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Online Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers

Pennsylvania has acquired the dubious distinction of having some of the most stringent homeschool laws in the nation. Although the passage of HB 1013 gave homeschoolers a little more freedom, we still have a host of hoops to jump through. One of the requirements that has been particularly challenging is standardized testing. PA homeschool law […]

FieldTripZoom: Virtual Field Trips for Homeschool

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A few years ago we were fortunate enough to belong to a very active homeschool group. Several of the moms were enthusiastic planners and scheduled as many field trips as we could possibly fit into our schedule. It was wonderful! Then life happened. Several families moved away or joined another local group. I had two […]

HoliMaths X: Multiplication Card Game

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It is commonly expected that students will work hard and memorize the math facts by a certain age. If those pesky facts aren’t mastered at the “right” time, the child is obviously not working hard enough, right? Wrong. Every child learns differently. While one student may easily memorize math facts, another may struggle to remember […]

Heirloom Audio: Historical Audio Dramas

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Historical audio drama

One of my goals as a homeschool mom is to bring history to life for my children. After all, reading dry textbooks and completing boring assignments is not usually an effective way to develop a love of history. Yes, we do use a history textbook or curriculum as a spine, but I love to add […]

Kindergarten Stepping Stones: Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

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Kindergarten Stepping Stones

One of things I most enjoy about homeschooling is teaching the little ones. They love to “do school” like their older siblings, and their little faces just glow with happiness! As much as I would love to create my own kindergarten lessons and activities, I’m smart desperate enough to admit that I don’t have the […]

IDO3D: 3D Pens for Kids

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IDO3D - 3D Pens for Kids

Art is one subject that often gets overlooked in our homeschool. We faithfully cover all the “essential” subjects–math, language arts, history, science, Bible, and such–but it’s always a challenge to fit in the “extras.” Recently, though, we have been trying out a new art technique: 3D drawing. This unique art method is intriguing to all […]