Drinkbands: Our Dirty Cup Solution

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Ever since our children have been old enough to pour their own drinks, we have been dealing with an overwhelming number of used cups. It seems that no one can remember which cup they used ten minutes before, so out comes another . . . and then another. I think most moms struggle with the […]

Keeping Up with a Larger Family

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Cherish the Call screenshot

I’m over at Cherish the Call today, talking about keeping up with a larger family. I’d love it if you’d take a minute to stop by and say hi!

Large Family: Saving Time on Laundry

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Laundry. It’s a never-ending chore, isn’t it? Especially in larger-than-average households, it seems that dirty clothes can pile up in the blink of an eye. In an effort to save time and my sanity, I’ve found a few ways to streamline the laundry process in our home: Eliminate laundry sorting. I know . . . it’s just not […]

Large Family: Labeling Kids’ Cups

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We have a couple dozen assorted cups and glasses, enough to fill an entire shelf.  Plenty for our entire family, and then some. All too often, though, I would reach into the cabinet for a water glass . . . and find none. At the same time, the dishwasher was constantly overflowing with used cups […]

Large Family: Solving the Sock Dilemma

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Socks. Just that one word could cause nightmares for moms of larger families. With nine people in our family, we have plenty of  feet that require socks (preferably matching socks) on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sorting and matching socks has never been one of my favorite things to do. A few years ago, I got so […]

Easy Way to Label Kids’ Clothes {Large Family Living}

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Labeling Kids' Clothes

In our family, there are two sets of boys that are not twins, but are close in ages and sizes. This naturally presents a few challenges, one of which is making sure that each boy’s clothing ends up in the right dresser drawers. Maybe you’re thinking that this isn’t a big deal, but to me, […]