Update on Gryphon Wifi Router

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Last week I mentioned Gryphon, the new wifi router and parental control app that can help parents keep their kids safe online.

Frankly, there’s good reason to get a safety net in place: Most children are exposed to the internet at the age of 6, and 70% of children see inappropriate content by accident.

Gryphon Wifi Router with Parental Control App

In just 2 weeks, Gryphon is more than 75% to the funding goal on Kickstarter! It has been featured in some awesome publications:

Publications featuring Gryphon wifi router
If you have not reserved one, it’s not too late. Go grab a Gryphon on Kickstarter now!

The early bird special has been extended through Nov. 6, 2016. Help them reach their goal and everyone will receive 1 FREE year of intrusion detection and whole house malware filtering ($49 value).

Don’t play around with your child’s safety online–do everything you can to keep them safe TODAY!

Kids and Technology: Gryphon Wifi Router

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A Letter to My Teen Son

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CTC Math: Online Math Curriculum (Grades 1-12)

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