Homeschool Elective: Christian Economics Curriculum

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Christian Economics Curriculum for Homeschool

I grew up in a very budget-conscious household where I learned a lot about wise money management. I’ve tried to pass along that wisdom to my children, as well.

However, I never officially studied the vast subject of economics–why prices matter, how free trade benefits the economy, the importance of a competitive market, and so much more.

It goes without saying, then, that I’ve been intimidated about the idea of teaching economics to my teens. Stewardship? Yes. Economics? No way!

I recently discovered a Christian economics curriculum that has completely changed my perspective on teaching and learning economic principles.

Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking - a high school homeschool elective course

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own; I was not required to post a positive review.

Christian Economics Curriculum for Homeschool

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics has developed an excellent Christian economics curriculum, Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking. This course teaches the principles of free market economics from a Biblical perspective.

The curriculum has four main components:

  1. Student textbook – 17 modules with assignments, study questions, family (or group) learning activities, and mid-term and final exams
  2. Teacher’s guide with grading rubric and suggested answers
  3. Resource book – Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity
  4. Extensive list of online reading and video links

High School Elective: Christian Economics Program

Why I Like IFWE’s Christian Economics Curriculum

1. It has a solid Christian perspective.

Let’s face it–nearly all economics courses are based on a very humanistic worldview. This is NOT something I want my teens to be immersed in.

IFWE’s Christian Economics curriculum presents everything in the light of the Bible. In fact, the course focuses on teaching the Biblical foundations for economics in order to help students make wise decisions that glorify God.

This practical, real-life understanding of economics is exactly what I want my teens to gain from their study.

2. It is suitable for independent study.

My older children strongly prefer independent learning–in fact, they almost insist on studying on their own. This curriculum is perfectly suited for working independently. Students can complete the assigned reading, videos, and study questions on their own.

All the teaching is done for you. Don’t be surprised, though, if the assignments spark some discussions between you and your teen!

Christian Economics Curriculum for Homeschool

3. It clearly explains economic principles.

I admit that I always thought economics was a very complicated subject. And yes, it is complicated–but IFWE has made it understandable.

Both the textbook and the resource book do a remarkable job of explaining economic principles clearly. There is no fancy terminology or confusing jargon–just straight-forward writing that students can actually understand.

4. It includes an extensive list of outside reading and videos for assignments.

The reading list is quite impressive, with dozens of articles written by knowledgeable authors. The videos are high quality and very engaging. I love having so much of the course’s content available online in bite-size chunks–much more manageable than a huge, overwhelming textbook!

Christian economics course from Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

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Atelier Homeschool Art: Online Art Lessons

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Atelier Homeschool Art: Online Art Lessons for Ages 4-16

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I have placed very little emphasis on art in our homeschool. Because I’m homeschooling a large family, most of my attention has been focused on the academic essentials–math, reading, and writing–and other required subjects.

At the same time, I realize that exposure to creative things like art and music can uncover hidden talents and develop lifelong interests in my children. In spite of my time constraints, I really want them to have the opportunity to develop a love for the arts.

Weston recently began taking online art lessons from Atelier Homeschool Art, and I am thrilled to see how much he is enjoying them! I love to see his excitement and progress, knowing that he will benefit from the lessons for a lifetime.

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own; I was not required to post a positive review.

Online art lessons for homeschool

About Atelier Homeschool Art

Atelier Homeschool Art is an online art curriculum for ages 4-16. The program includes eight levels and covers artist appreciation, art history, multicultural art, and self-expression.

All Atelier art lessons are accompanied by lesson plans. The videos are a rich source of creative ideas and inspiration, and also clarify the objectives, materials, techniques, and procedures of each lesson.

In addition to plenty of instruction, there is also video coverage of students completing the lesson and displaying their artwork. The lessons consistently produce exceptional student results and learning, regardless of the art background of the parent.

Online art lessons from Atelier Homeschool Art

As an alternative to the online art curriculum that Weston is using, there is also a DVD version available with the same content.

What We Love About Atelier Homeschool Art

Frees up parent’s time

I think this is a huge plus! I honestly don’t have the time to teach art–I need to focus on the three Rs and other required subjects. With Atelier Homeschool Art, I just need to be within earshot in case Weston has a question or needs help finding supplies.

Doesn’t require prior art knowledge

Neither parents nor students need to have any knowledge of art techniques. The instructor teaches the concepts and clearly demonstrates them–no prior skills or know-how required!

Homeschool art lessons

List of required supplies for each level

I love that all the supplies are listed in one document, making it easy to tell what needs to be purchased. Skip the frustration of starting a lesson and finding that you don’t have the things you need to complete the project!

If you’d like to make things even easier, Atelier Homeschool Art offers art supply kits that contain 80% of the materials needed to complete the entire level.

Step-by-step instruction

Each Atelier art lesson provides step-by-step instruction, which is a tremendous help for hesitant students. Weston plays the video and pauses it while he works on each step. He also rewinds the video when he needs to see a particular step again. Love the option of re-watching as needed!

Enjoyable lessons

The best part of using Atelier Homeschool Art has been seeing Weston genuinely enjoy the lessons. Before beginning the lessons, he showed very little interest in art; now he keeps reminding me that he needs more art paper! He even came over to my room late one night to give me the picture he had just drawn–a creative combination of lessons one and four.

I’m thrilled that Weston is learning new skills and gaining confidence in his ability to create projects that he is proud of!

Homeschool art curriculum

Get Started with Atelier Homeschool Art

If you’d like to try Atelier Homeschool Art in your homeschool, you can sign up for a FREE preview of the lessons.

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